Whale watching

Whale watching in Orca Islands: Bought the groupon. Saved a ton of money. Went upstairs into the icebox of the boat. Had some fun. Doesnt matter where you sit on the boat. You'll be out and about soon enough. Whales often surface twice? So if they've come up - keep looking. (Or its a mother training a calf and hence one follows the other often). As you can see - I'm not in the mood for writing. These contact lenses just dont work with computer screens. Interesting - went onto Amazon to buy Gamma Ray Specs. I wonder I wonder. Ok - we'll be walking around Cap Hill now. Summer is here.. 

Philo side note ~ Forge Meaning. Build Identity. : You need to take the traumas and make them part of who you’ve come to be, and you need to fold the worst events of your life into a narrative of triumph.


This talk resonated with me significantly. I viewed it as a confirmation that our identity is not that linear collection of facts - but a story of triumph or defeat. How I view myself is often colored by my attitude. The facts remain the same- the successes or failures or "events" stay - the interpretation changes. And with the interpretation - thoughts change- and emotions change - and then actions. Although.. (meta thought: an overly critical mind attacks any semblance of certainty. Attack every stand that you take)....

Seals, Sea Lions, Eagles, Pigeon Guillemot, Yellow bird which I keep forgeting the name of

Mount Constitution Views


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